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Your goal in sharp focus

Communication concepts act as the compass toward your goals

Companies that start out without a carefully considered communication concept may see quick results, but will not achieve their goals in the long term. They don’t have the strategy, the compass, a roadmap that contains every step, brings messages to the point, outlines target groups and defines channels. In short: Their communication will lack heart and brains.

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Why is a communication concept so important?

We would even go as far as to say: “In the beginning was a concept!” For us, developing a coherent idea, coordinating it with the budget and then putting it into practice is part of our standard procedure that is always exciting with every new customer and every new product. Because communication concepts can’t be easily transferred from one company to the next, the first thing we always do is sit with the decision makers and get them to thoroughly brief us on their history, their goals, their target group, the pitfalls, but also the sensitivities. The “understanding” phase of the concept has begun.

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The creative process

After the briefing comes the next step on the way to a communication concept – the creative phase. Here, we sit together in our agency and use the analysis of your company to construct a corporate communication strategy, which we then present to you. Throughout this phase, we use agile processes and always coordinate everything closely with you. In the end, the creative process should result in a communication concept with concrete measures for your target group that you are confident in and that work for your company.

When creating a concept, we develop answers to the following questions:

  • What goals are you pursuing with this communication?

  • What core messages do you want to convey?

  • What positioning should the concept pursue?

  • Which communication channels should convey the message?

  • What is the communication strategy’s target group?

  • Who are the other stakeholders?

  • Which graphic elements will we be working with?

  • Is there potential for a crisis?

  • What is the planned budget?

The final concept

As soon as we have answered all of these questions, we discuss the final communication concept with you and then apply it to your company’s organizational structure. Because the implementation will only work if everyone involved has understood the concept, been properly briefed and is behind the plan. This is something we have learned from numerous projects, and we have adapted our concept process accordingly in order to achieve an agile approach. This means that from the very first day of the cooperation we involve all the responsible parties in equal measure and do not simply impose a cookie-cutter KONTEXT communication concept on the customer. No! We work together with the client to develop a customized strategy that is supported by everyone and met with understanding.

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How a concept becomes a strategy

  • Intensive briefing phase

  • Regular rebriefing

  • An agile creative process

  • Workshops

  • Close personal and virtual contact

  • Success monitoring during and after implementation

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From flyer concepts to election campaigns

From the initial discussion to the finished communication concept, the process described above can be scaled to the scope of the project. The fact is: Even a single-use flyer should be carefully thought out and customized to your needs. However, a complete overhaul of your CI guide would require a more extensive creative process. For example: For SPD Fürth’s local election campaign, which spanned a good year and a half, close coordination in the planning of each individual step of the communication concept was essential. In addition to the fundamental trust between the customer and us as an agency, this exchange is simply indispensable when it comes to more extensive strategies.

Creating synergies between offline and online strategies

Today, no brand or product still works in an exclusively analog world. Networking through social media, smartphones and the increasing digitalization of everyday life gives us and our customers the opportunity to communicate in a more targeted way, but also requires more precise planning. We take this into account in our communication concept, combining online and offline strategies in every part of it.

Offline marketing tools such as flyers and mailers capture the attention of the observer, but then require an extension into your company’s digital world. A call-to-action prompts the target group to call up more information on social networks, the website or other online marketing instruments. The resulting synergies culminate in a 360-degree approach to communication, and contribute to the positioning of your company.

Monitoring the success of the concept and measures

Our concepts have only one goal: To make our customers’ corporate communication a success. Whether you wish to promote employee branding, professionalize PR work, or get help with the analysis, planning and implementation of measures for your social media channels, every concept for the various communication channels needs to accomplish clear goals. Success monitoring is therefore essential. That’s why, at the beginning of our cooperation, we work with you to determine what needs to be achieved. Regular briefings then ensure that we are still on the right track with the communication concept and are consistently achieving the goals we have set.

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