luftaufnahme solarberg in fürth

Putting our hearts and minds into the job

The KONTEXT team

Communication from Fürth with a team from all over – okay, almost all over – Germany. We bring different experiences, skills and ways of life to the table: From ex-journalists to cultural geographers, from people from different regions of Germany to people who’ve lived their entire lives right here in Franconia. Our team is as varied as the communication business.

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nahaufnahme von klaus schardt

Klaus Schardt

nahaufnahme von jan frankowski

Jan Frankowski

nahaufnahme von carola schardt

Carola Schardt
Office Manager

Kristina Pauncheva

Agency Lead & Account Manager PR

Luisa Kirchdörfer
Graphic Designer

nahaufnahme von juliane appis

Juliane Appis
Graphic Designer (on parental leave)

Marc Hatke
Senior Social Media Analyst

Miriam Schmidt
Account Manager PR

Jasmin Di Maria
Account Manager PR

Christina Zieglmeier
PR Consultant (on parental leave)


Sandra Dörrfuß
Office Manager


Vanessa Rosa
Junior Content Manager

nahaufnahme von kathleen schmidt

Kathleen Schmidt
Project Manager (on parental leave)


Niklas Neuwelt
Working student


Bettina Binder

PR Copywriter


Luise Lutz

Working student

Alice Vicentini



Phone: 0911 974780