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Message meets target group

Successful public relations in all its forms

Depending on the industry and the topic, the spectrum of modern public and media relations can range from press releases to specialist articles and online reports, through to press conferences and journalism events. We at KONTEXT have known the ingredients for successful public relations for over 27 years, and have continuously refined the recipe. Our communication goal: Spreading the right message to the right target group. Our claim: Our communication strategy will be as individual as your company or your product! As a public relations agency, we’ll accompany you and your topics on the way to the public!

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How does PR work?

You know your company and your product; we know the media and have the necessary tools for professional public relations. We use this to develop a consistent communication concept in cooperation with our customers, always in keeping with their goals and messages. That’s why the first thing we do is work with you to answer the all-important key question.

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Key question: What is the aim of this PR?

  • Do you wish to establish or maintain a specific image?

  • Do you wish to increase your media presence?

  • Or is customer retention your top priority?

  • Do you wish to position yourself as an expert on a specific topic?

  • Are you going to be communicating projects with a potential for conflict?

  • Do you wish to use your media presence to recruit new employees?

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The instruments of public relations

Together, we use your answers to develop a customized communication concept that unites your interests and the needs of the press. The instruments we use are as diverse as the communication channels that we use – these include online and offline, print and social media, text and graphics.

We maintain relationships with:

  • Daily newspapers

  • Weekly and monthly magazines

  • Specialist journals

  • Radio

  • TV

  • Online media

  • Blogs

  • Influencers

Why is PR with an agency so important?

Almost every company wants to be seen and heard by the public and the media, which means that editorial offices, journalists and consumers receive a flood of information and messages day after day. Therefore, it’s all the more important to provide each target group with the information and topics that are relevant to them. Companies that manage this can stay in the press and also use this to address their (potential) customers – quickly, strikingly and memorably. And successful PR needs to be built up over the long term to have a lasting effect and generate confidence. Thanks to our expert knowledge of the regional and national media landscape, we know what journalists need, how to establish and maintain personal contacts and what measures and actions will make an impact – no matter which industry you’re active in.

What can we do for you?

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Our agency services in public and media relations

KONTEXT is an agency that has relied on personal contact with journalists and cooperation with media representatives for over 27 years, and is thus your ideal PR partner. Continuity and trust are anyway important qualities in this business. That’s exactly why we work with our customers to develop communication strategies with foresight. After all, that’s exactly what readers, listeners and viewers – meaning your customers – want from companies, no matter what industry they’re in.

PR – as diverse as your company

Public relations requires one thing in addition to close relations with the media: Content. Everyone knows the classic press release. But specialist articles, advertorials, fact sheets, case studies, whitepapers and press kits are also part of public relations. Our text output within the agency is correspondingly high. The written word is at the core of public and media relations and, therefore, also at the core of our agency. We’ll be happy to explain how we can package your message in a suitable content format for public relations.

But sending out a press release isn’t the end of it – not by a long shot. Because we still need to maintain the “relationships” in public relations. For this reason, press talks and press conferences, media cooperations and press events are all key to further establishing and building trust between media representatives and a company. This not only increases the chances of publishing; in the event of a communication crisis, good relationships with the media can be used for hones, transparent reporting.

The channel we use for your PR depends upon a number of different factors. But we guarantee that your message, the resulting content and the chosen media will all fit together.

Public relations from a single source

The core messages defined in the PR concept are used in a targeted way again and again when we create PR and journalistic texts and, therefore, get regularly disseminated to the public. And we’ll prepare you for any background discussions with journalists you may have coming up. Background research, gathering information and creating a briefing are all included in the part of public relations work that the public will not see, but that gives you the necessary security day-to-day. Our consultation service for public relations, media relations and corporate communication includes:

  • Monitoring media coverage

  • Proactive research into topics and agenda setting

  • Close cooperation with customers in the creation of PR strategies

  • Press spokesperson and media service for companies

  • Close contact to editorial offices

  • Organization of press conferences and interviews

  • Creation of PR activities and PR campaigns

  • Planning and holding events

  • Creating and maintaining a mailing list of relevant journalists and press distributors

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