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From the initial idea to the printing process

We will take care of your offline marketing 

Classic, time-honored, traditional – given the increasingly significant role of online marketing, offline marketing does not have it easy. After all, the advantages of digital marketing are obvious. But only when companies make use of the opportunities beyond pixels and web banners can they actually be present in all areas of the target groups’ lives. That’s why offline marketing still plays a major role in the communications mix. We’re happy to explain why this is important and how we as an offline marketing agency can support you.

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Print products combine look and feel

Flyers, business cards, employee magazines, information brochures – they are all still an extremely valuable part of a company’s internal and external communications. Because they are all tangible products, they evoke more emotion in the reader and project value and commitment.

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Surprise customers and stand out with direct mail

Whether as initial contact or for customer retention, a well-designed, creative mailer leaves a lasting impression. And that’s what makes it one of the most effective tools in offline marketing. The better the selection of recipients, the higher the chance of reaching the desired output. Therefore “the more the better” isn’t necessarily true in this case. We’ll help you to select suitable recipients, tailor the advertising messages to your target group and, of course, support you in the most important part of a mailer: the concept. Because they will only stick in the mind if they are creative, surprising and hit a nerve.

Corporate publishing generates trust

A company blog – no matter whether it’s on your intranet or the internet – serves to quickly distribute information; however, a printed employee magazine will show your colleagues that they’re particularly important to you. The same applies to distributing or sending company flyers or information brochures. Done the right way, they can boost penetration within the target group. We’ll show you how you can link your online and offline marketing activities so that they create a 360-degree communication concept guaranteed to stick in the mind.

In addition to developing the concept and text for flyers and other print products, we will of course also handle the graphic implementation. And we’ll also handle the printing, so at the end of the process you can hold your very own product in your hands. Selection of paper thickness, preparation of print data, coordination with printing companies – we know what we’re doing! So you can sit back, relax and wait for the result.

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Billboards for attracting more attention

When you’re sitting in your car at the traffic lights and your gaze starts to wander, your eye can be quickly caught by advertising messages on well-placed billboards. If you travel a certain route several times a week, the slogans and pictures quickly get burned into your brain. We’ll be happy to advise you should you wish to use billboards for your company. There are pitfalls that you need to avoid – pitfalls we have already avoided countless times for our customers. A professional approach is indispensable, especially when it comes to selecting and booking the billboards.

During SPD Fürth’s 2020 local election campaign, we used more than just the standard election posters on traffic lights and wooden stands. A large-scale campaign with billboards was also among the offline marketing tools we used. Do you wish to benefit from this expertise too?

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From trade fair booths to vehicle wraps

Offline-Marketing hat viele Facetten und funktioniert dann besonders gut, wenn es aufeinander aufbaut. Basierend auf Ihrem CI-Guide und dem zur Verfügung stehenden Budget, können zahlreiche Offline-Marketing-Tools bemüht werden, um eine möglichst große Durchdringung zu schaffen. Wichtig dabei ist vor allem, dass ein schlüssiges Konzept hinter der Kampagne steht und die Offline-Welt weitere Anker im Online-Marketing hat. Dazu zählen QR-Codes, Call-to-Actions, Gutscheine oder weitere Angebote auf der Website. So wird der potenzielle Kunde mit auf eine Reise durch die verschiedenen Kanäle genommen, auf der er Ihre Kommunikationsbotschaften erfährt und eine Bindung aufbaut.

Further offline marketing tools:

  • Trade fair booths

  • Newspaper advertisements

  • Vehicle wraps

  • Stickers

  • Posters

  • Give-aways and promotion items

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