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Core messages on all channels

360-degree communication

For a long time now, communication hasn’t been linear and easy to plan: There are numerous levels, channels, core messages and stakeholders. That’s also the reason we have continued developing throughout our 30 years as an agency, and have been growing and reinventing ourselves in diverse areas. And that’s why we are so well positioned in all the important areas of communication.

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Experience creates success

We will take a holistic look at your communication goals and then develop a suitable strategy. This can range from reworking social media strategies, right through to a comprehensive umbrella-brand concept. You’ll experience how we ask critical questions, address weak spots and also sometimes insist on bringing up, for example, the reasons you don’t consider crisis communication to be important. Because nowadays communication is the interplay of various disciplines on numerous levels. Pitfalls are often lurking where they’re least expected. Only by taking a 360-degree look at the strategy, its effects, its strengths and weaknesses, and its recipients can you eventually succeed.

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