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A simply appealing website


Your website presents your company online and is the core of all of your online marketing activities. Because no matter whether it’s social media marketing, newsletters, SEO or online advertising: All of these measures have one main goal – directing visitors to your website. Once users are there, a professional website’s job is to turn interested visitors into customers. Or in other words: It needs to generate leads.

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When is a website successful?

For a website to fulfil its required purpose, it needs to be founded on a meticulously developed concept that is then professionally programmed to have a responsive design. Once the website is online, the aim is to generate traffic using online marketing. When visitors are on the website, clever navigation and well-positioned calls-to-action will then encourage them to make the desired conversion.


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Website projects with KONTEXT

We’ll work with you to determine your website requirements, then we’ll use these to customize a concept for you. Finally, our graphics department will create the screen design for your website, which will serve as a template for our programmers and fulfil all the requirements of responsive web design. And we’ll simultaneously create the content for your website. This includes, for example, copywriting, selecting images or creating videos. When the content is ready, we will build your website using a content management system (CMS). We use TYPO3 or WebEdition to do this. Your website is then thoroughly tested before going live. If requested, we can take care of performance monitoring once the website goes online and, if required, carry out on-page and off-page SEO. We also offer maintenance, for example integration of new content, handling CMS updates or making changes to cookies.

KONTEXT specializes in the following types of website:

  • Corporate websites

  • Landing pages

  • Microsites

  • Blogs

  • Portals

Special case: relaunching existing websites

At KONTEXT, when a fundamental overhaul of your existing website is on the agenda, we call it a relaunch. There are many reasons for a relaunch. It could, for example, be due to a fundamental reorientation of the company or because of outdated technology – key word: lack of responsive web design. It’s not uncommon for a relaunch to be accompanied by fundamental changes to the site’s navigation – and this can result in a massive loss of search engine visibility. That’s why we will develop a detailed forwarding concept before every launch, and save your rankings using URL mapping.

Do you need a relaunch?

What typifies a KONTEXT website?

Technical precision

We’ll implement your website, ensuring it is completely free of technical errors and paying attention to ranking factors such as optimized loading times

Responsive web design

Our graphic designers create discerning websites that will function perfectly on any device – smartphone, tablet or desktop

High-quality content

If required, our agency’s professional copywriters will compose the texts for your website

Search engine optimization (SEO)

If requested, we will carry out both on-page and off-page SEO

User-friendly design

Thanks to logical navigation and clear positioning, users will be able to easily find their way around your website

Legal compliance

Whether cookie banners, IP anonymization or SSL certificates – we’ll deliver you an all-round legally compliant website

Final question: How much does a website cost?

Counter-question: How much does a car cost? You would probably answer: It depends on whether we’re talking about a Porsche, an Audi or a VW. And you’d be absolutely right! It’s exactly the same with website pricing: The cost of the project depends upon your requirements and, accordingly, the range of website functions. We can do it all: From an in-house programmed multi-lingual website with a log-in area, to a streamlined, template-based solution that we customize for you using CSS adjustments. For the latter we use toujou, a Typo3 toolkit that (more than) fulfils all the requirements of modern websites.

But to answer the initial question again clearly: We don’t offer “off-the-peg” prices. But we’ll be happy to put together an individual quote for you after the free initial consultation.

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