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Impressive visuals


A picture is worth a thousand words – that’s definitely true when the picture appeals to viewers’ emotions, provokes a reaction and sticks in their memory. Our graphics department has experience of exactly that and, together with our PR experts, will take a close look at your company and branding when implementing or creating your design or developing an individual corporate identity.

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Our approach to design

We want to understand you and your goals. That’s the foundation of successful design. After an initial discussion about your topics and goals, we’ll develop visual drafts and then, in close consultation with you, adjust them to meet your expectations exactly – whether we’re developing a brand new corporate design, a new logo, a brochure or any other printed product. We’re not just “pixel pushers”, we’re also consultants and we clearly formulate the advantages and disadvantages of certain design drafts and the little elements, for example, that require special attention later during printing. We’ll be there for you throughout the entire development process – we promise!

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Design that speaks your language

Graphic design is more than a means to an end. It speaks its own language – your language. Therefore, our copywriters and graphic designers get together at the beginning of every design project to discuss the core messages that need to be conveyed. The concept behind this design is just as important as the result itself: This applies just as much to flyers and logos as do the screen design for your website, your trade fair booth or other visual product. That’s why it’s our job in communication design to understand your company and convey the key messages using pixels, vectors and layers. We’ve used this method for years to create layouts that impress not only our customers. Because it’s really all about reaching the right target group.

When it comes to graphics, KONTEXT will take care of:

  • Corporate design and logo development

  • Graphics for social media channels

  • Website design

  • Printed material (brochures, flyers, employee magazines, etc.)

  • Producing print products

  • Business equipment

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We’ll put you in the picture – literally!

A company history, flyer, employee magazine – they’re all there to catch the viewer’s eye, evoke emotions and, by doing so, promote your company’s branding. To ensure this really happens, special attention must be paid to more than just the graphic design. The printing phase of a project also needs to be well thought out. As an agency, we help our customers select the format, the right paper, the paper thickness and the printing techniques. Our many years of experience mean we can advise you on all aspects of print products. With our team of copywriters, graphic designers and project managers, you’ll be on the safe side and know your projects are in good hands.

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Creative designs are part of successful communication

A good interplay of content and graphic design is needed to successfully present customers, companies, brands and products on all communication channels. The design gives the text a frame, a context, catch the eye and emphasize the text.

Our designs are used here:

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is the core, the basis of your image for third parties. The face that a company presents to the public

Social media tiles

On social networks, new and striking designs, for example, are especially important in winning the battle for users’ attention. Our graphics department has already gained valuable experience in doing exactly this for many customers

Printed materials

Flyers, posters, stickers and other similar materials help, for example, in election campaigns, but also in all other external communication activities

Trade fair booths

The design of a trade fair booth determines whether or not you will stand out among the multitude of exhibitors

Source files are the treasure of every agency

The discussion about “source files” is as old as graphic design itself. Often enough, agencies receive emails from customers who want the source files for a flyer or another design asap. But there are several hurdles to this:

  • From a legal point of view, we aren’t allowed to simply give customers texts that we own the license to.

  • Image copyrights (depending on the project) are held by KONTEXT and cannot be passed on to the client. Any transfer of these rights is simply prohibited.

  • Source files are like the holy grail of any agency. Without them, we are interchangeable.

However, if you say from the beginning that for you the release of source files is essential to our cooperation, that won’t be a problem. In this case, all we have to do is discuss how we’re going to handle text and image rights before we begin the design work. In addition, we’ll calculate an additional price for the source files and note this separately in our offer under the item “Graphic design”.

If you have any questions about graphic design, corporate identity or print production, please feel free to contact our team at any time.

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