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Video marketing: stand out with moving images

You don’t need a mega-budget or high-end production to include video marketing in the communications mix. It’s much more important to study your target groups in detail and then choose the right place to present them with videos that evoke emotions and get them to identify with the content. KONTEXT is your agency for video marketing – whether on your website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any other channel.

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Videos score highly in the battle for users’ attention

Times Square in New York has become a real-life social media feed! To really know what this means, you need to have experienced it yourself. There are lights flashing everywhere, videos flicker across countless screens, the background noise is staggering, billboards vie for visitors’ attention and street performers ask passers-by to take the time to watch their performance. This sensory overload is also increasingly evident online. If you wish to stand out, you have to get your information across in a nutshell, present it skillfully and, most importantly, display it exactly when the viewer is receptive to it.

When it comes to video marketing, we can help you with:

  • Developing video ideas

  • Writing storyboards

  • Preproduction and video shooting

  • Video editing and postproduction

  • Displaying the video using a platform strategy

  • Targeting the video content

  • Monitoring the video marketing effects

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Packaging messages for employees and the media in videos

Nowadays, companies and brands have a strong sense of mission and need to target the spread of their communication messages internally – for their employees – but also externally for the media, consumers and other stakeholders. Video messages from CEOs, individual departments or individual employees are a valuable instrument in direct communication. Whether in an interview format or looking straight at the camera – video content quickly creates a connection between the broadcaster and the viewer, and can make it easier to link complex issues with emotions.

Which channels is video marketing suitable for?

  • Press kits for journalists

  • Websites

  • Facebook

  • Intranet

  • YouTube

  • Xing and LinkedIn

Corporate videos allow viewers to experiences brands and products

Our agency will advise you on all things video marketing, including image videos. Used on your website, on TV, in the cinema or, for example, at a trade fair booth, they act as a business card for your company. They open doors for you with the viewer, creating trust and setting an anchor. We’ll create a corporate video for you based upon the channel the content should be optimized for and the kind of image you wish to impart.

During SPD Fürth’s 2020 local election campaign, we specifically used video marketing and various different formats ranging from short social media clips to an election broadcast that was played in cinemas. In principle, the possible uses of corporate videos are limitless and include:

  • Websites

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • XING and LinkedIn

  • Trade faire booths

  • TV and cinema

Quickly convey facts by using animated graphics

As mentioned above, social media is becoming more and more like a hectic, frantic place where companies battle for users’ attention. Studies conducted by major social media players have shown that, nowadays, it takes no more than two seconds for viewers to decide whether to continue watching a Facebook video or not. If your video doesn’t manage to capture their attention in this short time, the user will simply scroll past it. That’s exactly why it’s even more important to keep finding new approaches when it comes to video content.

The classic explainer video is as old as video marketing itself. That’s why we place much more emphasis on animated graphics that are optimized for social media: Short and sweet, colorful and loud, straight to the point. This way, the video is more appealing to users, is easy to consume on mobile devices and is perfect for sharing. Thus, targeted short videos will have a measurably greater reach than images or traditional link posts.

Video marketing customized to your requirements

The range of possibilities in video marketing is huge. So we’ll be happy to advise you on the videos that will make sense for you. Whether image videos, product videos, explainer videos, animated graphics or matter-of-fact video messages – KONTEXT is your partner and the right agency for your video marketing!

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