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Hand on heart


Agencies are far too often seen merely as assistants. When this happens, the potential of communications experts is not even remotely realized – and the whole thing is at odds with what we as a company believe constitutes a constructive partnership. We see ourselves as advisors, people who know what they are doing. The experts. That’s why, for us, a partnership of equals is at the core of successful cooperation. We don’t disappoint customers who rely on us. Quite the opposite: We’ll bend over backwards for them. People who see us only as some kind of scribblers and pixel-pushers are not only harming us, but also themselves and their achievement of the communication goals they’ve set.

The 5 fundamental values of our cooperation

That’s why we’ve used our many years of customer relationships – most good, but some bad – to define what is particularly important to us in a cooperation.

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1. Honesty

We always put our cards on the table. Whether when quoting our agency prices, in discussions about your communication goals or when something doesn’t work as expected. This honesty is not to be equated with arrogance. We know what we are capable of and wish to offer it to you in full!

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2. Trust

Our customers can rely on us. That is sometimes easier said than done. But a constructive partnership requires trust. We have already seen umpteen times that this has to develop. What then happens to the agency-client relationship once trust is in place is something you have to experience. You can be certain that we’ll do everything for you and we’ll know that you are behind us in the process. Strong stuff!

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3. Openness

“We’ve never done it like that before.” That’s not a sentence we want to hear! We’re open to new customers, new topics and new approaches. And we’ll offer you a fresh look at your communication in the process. When you bring openness to the table, something good can come out of it. You’d better believe it!

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4. Equality

We’re more than just scribblers and pixel-pushers. We’re communication experts and we know what we’re talking about. No matter the customer, no matter the company’s size or budget: You’ll never find us acting patronizingly. And vice versa: We wish to collaborate with customers who will treat us the same way. We and our customers have a partnership of equals, and we’re proud of it!

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5. Optimism

You have to believe in yourself in order to succeed. That’s why we always stay optimistic, keep the goal in sharp focus and do our very best. We promise!


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